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Friday, December 16, 2011

Notes from the Learning Garden: More Than Flowers

This time of year more than any other I find myself most nights working on some craft or another (mostly knitting) getting ready for the holidays. Though I love the anticipation of color choices and design graphing, and the soothing motion of the knitting itself, my co-workers and family can attest to the fact that I always feel the need to share my project ideas and progress in great detail (and excited tones) as if the doing itself is not quite enough: as if the project will only come to life when shared with others.

This is why one of mo
st wonderful things I can think of to do this time of year is to find a great group of people and spend an evening crafting together, which is exactly what we did at the felted flower workshop this past Thursday evening. There, the ideas, the progress, and the sharing all happened at once as each of the eight participants imagined and created a lovely flower from scraps of colorful wool fiber. And what amazing results! Even as I go back to my knitting basket to plug away at holiday gifts I am filled with inspiration from the creativity and warmth expressed in the workshop and I feel ready for the passing of another year and the promise of many new projects to come.

Happy holidays everyone!


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