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Welcome to our blog! Learn about our farm operation, public programs, and the people behind our work through the Notes from the Field and Education sections. Peruse the Recipes section for some staff favorites.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Notes From the Field - Rhythm

The farm is abuzz with activity. We are still harvesting certain crops for the first time this season. This week the new crop is carrots. Those sweet orange gems that grow from a speck of a seed into a glorious treat. 

We are starting to hit our stride on the farm. Finding the rhythm in our work. There is beginning to be repetition. New skills are being honed and perfected. It is at this time of year that I find it easy to get caught up in our work, focusing on the task at hand. This season I have set a goal for myself to try and remember to pause, even just for a moment, and take in the world around me. I am doing my best to record those moments through photography. Here are some of those photos from the season thus far.

The first harvest of carrots this season.
Two Forest Foundation interns and some of Field Crew, from left to right: Ali, Evan, Claire, Roy & Alisa.

Assistant Grower, Anna Kelchlin, laying plastic at our Weston fields.

Tractor view at our Weston fields.
A killdeer plover guarding her nest she's made among our crops.
A view from above: intricate tractor parts.
Intern Alisa, & Field Crew members Jack & Evan, on a rainy harvest day at our Lyman Estate fields.


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