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Sunday, September 5, 2010

From a Farm, Not From a Farm

Where's it from?

From a Farm, Not From a Farm is a simple game we like to play in the Learning Garden. The kids are divided into two teams. At the starting line, one member from each team is given a product (often represented by an empty food package); the child must race to the "From a Farm" and "Not From a Farm" buckets, deciding along the way in which of the two buckets to place the item.

Help from team members is welcomed.

After all items have been given and the final participants have returned to the starting line, we sit down and discuss the results.

The exercise is a great reminder of the necessity of farms to humans for food and other products we use in our daily lives. It helps teach the children how to identify plant and animal-based products and packaging apart from synthetically-made materials.

Decision made!

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