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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Beginnings (or The Last of The Onions)

I have two onions left in my kitchen from last year's harvest. I must admit that at first I was sad to contemplate the idea of buying onions at the grocery store (knowing they could never be quite as delicious), but then it occurred to me that this sort of finality or "tying up of loose ends" only means that it is time to start again. Adding to this feeling was the dramatic change in scenery that occurred here in the past week. I almost felt as if a magic wand had been waved and the snowy blanket removed to reveal... (drum roll please)... a farm!

last year's squash/fodder for the compost pile

The sudden exposure of all that rich brown earth after a couple months of blinding white seems to be nature's way of saying, "Okay. I've had my rest, now it's time for some new growth."

Well, we are happy to oblige.

We do still have a bit of time before the plants can actually go in the ground (and surely we are not completely shut of snowy weather yet), but last week our farmers cleaned out the greenhouses and began seeding onions, beets, spring brassicas, fennel, and leeks. A number of volunteers have emerged to assist and we very much appreciate the extra hands as we fill flat after flat with the tiny seeds that will grow into nourishment for the mind and body of many individuals and families, whether through preparing and eating healthy snacks in our education programs, purchasing seedlings at our seedling sales, or using produce from our CSA and hunger relief/food access programs.

Dan and volunteers planting leeks

Though there is a lot of work to get done in the greenhouse and the office this time of year and the pace has certainly quickened relative to that of January and February, there is still a remnant of the winter's calm, now lined thickly with anticipation of the busy months ahead. The time when this greenhouse full of freshly planted seeds will be emptied (and then filled again) as the seedlings are transplanted, new generations are seeded, fields are tilled and weeded, and the harvest begins.

Happy Planting,


a greenhouse full of flats

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