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Welcome to our blog! Learn about our farm operation, public programs, and the people behind our work through the Notes from the Field and Education sections. Peruse the Recipes section for some staff favorites.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

First Day of Education Programs

What a beautiful day for all of our camps to start! Today was the first day of garden explorers, farmer for a week, and 4H/farm corps. I spent the majority of the day with our 11 garden explorers, and boy did we explore. Here are some things we did today:

  • Everyone got their own farm journal to use all week
  • Learned about the parts of the plant and played a game about what we learned
    • seed, root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit
  • Harvested swiss chard and used it in a salad we made for a snack
    • we even made a homemade salad dressing
  • Each garden explorer adopted a plot to take care of for the week
  • Watered and weeded the learning garden
  • Spent some time with the chickens, some people even chose to hold a chicken
  • Sang a farm song
  • Started the process of growing alfalfa sprouts by soaking the seeds in water

It was a very exciting to have the learning garden full of kids! I look forward to a week of fun! I'm going to try to post everyday, each day I will spend time with the garden explorers and farmer for a week, so the pictures may be more of one group than another depending on the day. See everyone tomorrow!

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