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Friday, July 10, 2015

Fermentation Workshop

We held a wonderful fermentation workshop at the farm with Boston Ferments! Everyone got to sample some fermented food made by our instructor Kimi, make their own sauerkraut, and learn about the fermentation process in general. As someone who has never fermented anything before, the main thing I walked away with was to not be afraid of fermenting. I never thought fermenting could be so simple. It can be more complicated if you want it to be, but for a beginner like me I was put at ease by the simplicity. All you really need is some salt, water, and vegetables.

We used fresh produce from the farm; some napa cabbage, bok choy, and radishes. After chopping everything up we mixed in some salt and the massaged the water out of the vegetables. Once we squeezed the vegetables enough we put the mixture into a jar and we were all finished. All I have to do is keep the jar in a semi-cool space for 3 weeks or so and I'll have some sauerkraut.

Here are some of the recipes from the workshop:


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