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Welcome to our blog! Learn about our farm operation, public programs, and the people behind our work through the Notes from the Field and Education sections. Peruse the Recipes section for some staff favorites.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cambridge Adventure Day Camp Visit

Today Cambridge Adventure Day Camp visited our farm for 2 hours of food, fun, and learning! There were 46 kids that we broke up into 4 groups and rotated through different activities. I lead a tour around the farm where the kids got to see all of the different vegetables we grow, learn about our bees, taste some raspberries from our perennial garden, see our growing compost pile and talk about how the plants grow. Alannah was our chicken expert today. She helped the kids dig up some worms for our ever-hungry hens and talked about some interesting facts about the chickens. Did you know our hens each lay one egg a day? The learning garden outdoor space was Alex's station. She and the campers pulled up lots of weeds to help our vegetables grow better. Some of the things we are growing right now are squash, peppers, husk cherries, basil, and tomatoes! The weeding and watering is really going to help everything thrive as the weather gets warmer. The final station, cooking, was probably the fan favorite. Autumn and the kids harvested bok choy, scallions, and garlic together then everyone took turns helping to wash and chop everything. The fresh veggies were then stir-fried in our outdoor solar-powered kitchen space in the learning garden. Even though bok choy was new to a lot of people, most enjoyed the snack and got to see the reward of growing your own vegetables.

The sun was definitely full-force today, so we managed to squeeze in a little sprinkler time between stations. After 2 hours of farm fun everyone was ready to enjoy their lunch in the shade. These visits are always a blast and I think everyone leaves learning some new things about farming!

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