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Welcome to our blog! Learn about our farm operation, public programs, and the people behind our work through the Notes from the Field and Education sections. Peruse the Recipes section for some staff favorites.

Waltham Fields Community Farm (incorporated as Community Farms Outreach, Inc.) is a nonprofit farming organization focusing on sustainable food production, fresh food assistance, and on-farm education. For more information about Waltham Fields check out our website!

Friday, June 26, 2015

An Introduction to the Forest Foundation

By Cassie Baker
Here we are with Claire. our executive director, and Alex, our education and outreach coordinator
From Left to Right: Claire, Ali, Cassie, Alisa, Alex

This summer at Waltham Fields there are three full time interns from the Forest Foundation, including myself. As a part of my internship here at the farm I am going to be updating this blog with information from the learning garden and our education programs, recipes that involve fresh produce, the recent notes from the field, and anything else that might be new or exciting at the farm. Before we jump in to all of those things, I wanted to take a moment to tell everyone what the Forest Foundation is and what the other interns, Alisa and Ali, and I are doing this summer. 

The Forest Foundation is a non-profit organization that is passionate about getting college-aged students involved in the non-profit sector. Each summer the Forest Foundation hires around 50 interns and matches them with a non-profit in the greater Boston area and the North Shore. The Forest Foundation gives the non-profit a stipend to pay the intern and the intern then completes a 10 week 40 hour a week internship over the summer and gains areas in many aspects of non-profits. 

Alisa, Ali, and I are all excited to be working at Waltham Fields for the Summer. We all have a special project to focus on of the course of the ten weeks. Alisa is doing a research project on vegetable pricing, Ali is working on programming for one of our new educational programs Farm Corps, and I am working on connecting the farm with the community in new ways. Part of my project is working on this blog! I am so excited to help the community, members, parents, shareholders, and everyone stay connected with Waltham Fields through a blog.

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