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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Notes from the Learning Garden: Little Sprouts Family Program

It’s been five weeks of our Little Sprouts farm classes here at WFCF. Each week we have focused on a particular theme (seeds, birds, worms), focused on a garden task (they are great weeders!), looked at a book relating to that theme and had something healthy to snack on.

In our third week we saw the sun after previous classes held in the rain, but no matter the weather we have been having a wonderful time and learning a lot. We have been listening to the killdeer make their distinctive call, splashing in puddles, feeding the hens raisins, flying like a bird to the distribution shelter to see the nesting barn swallows, watching ants, feeding the worms in our compost bin, planting, and eating radishes, lettuce and spinach straight from the garden! We also ate rhubarb pudding!

We’ve been learning about the farm, how plants grow and how to follow the garden path. We love when Farmer Erinn or Farmer Dan drive by in the red tractor! Last week, we walked out to the compost pile with the compost the families have been saving all week and looked for compost critters.

Today, we discovered that there is a whole rainbow of colors in the garden: yellow sunflowers, green leaves, and even purple cabbage!

By Paula Jordan, Farm Educator, WFCF

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