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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meet Our Youth Crew

Our youngest staff members this summer are our 7-person Youth Crew. They are a group of local teens who help out in all aspects of the farm. They harvest vegetables for our CSA and outreach market, weed the fields, maintain the learning garden, work at the Outreach Market, and much more. Here is a brief introduction to all of our Youth Crew! #AGsummerjobs

Emily Olick Llano

Emily first became interested in sustainability after taking an environmental science class at her high school. Her favorite part about working at Waltham Fields is seeing a farm in an urban setting. In her free time Emily enjoys playing soccer and plays center defense at Cambridge Ringe Latin High School. A fun fact about Emily is that she is half Colombian and can speak fluent Spanish.

Maureen Tendo

Maureen lives in Watertown but was born and raised in Uganda. Her favorite part about working on the farm is working at the Outreach Market in Waltham. She likes interacting directly with people and loves seeing them happy. In her free time Maureen dances. She enjoys free-style and African dance and used to be a part of a dance team in Uganda.

Leslie Kay

This is Leslie's second year on the youth crew. She enjoys weeding the most on the farm. It seems mundane, but she loves getting to be productive while working alongside the weed crew. When she first started working at Waltham Fields she was surprised by how many different types of vegetables and different varieties of one vegetable there are. Leslie is passionate about food access and sustainability. She runs for the Waltham High School cross country and track teams.

Beverly Kauma

Beverly likes the farm because of all of the different people she gets to meet. Her favorite part about youth crew is working at the Outreach Market. Before working at Waltham Fields, Beverly used to help out on her family's farm in Uganda where they raised pigs, cows, goats, and chickens to sell. In her free time Beverly enjoys swimming and she used to be a part of a swim team in Uganda.

Mithni Lagene

Mithni's favorite thing to do on the farm is harvest. She sees harvesting as the prize at the finish line after all of the other things they do. When she is not working Mithni keeps very busy; she sings gospel music at church and is the children's choir director. She also draws, writes, and dances whenever she can find the time. Mithni is from Haiti and can speak Haitian Creole, French, and English and is proficient in Spanish.

Devlynne Loder

Devlynne's favorite job to do on the farm is work in the CSA barn because she loves constantly being busy and interacting with the shareholders. When she is not working she likes to hang out with friends and loves to swim. She has always enjoyed cooking but since working here she has gotten a lot better at cooking with vegetables. A fun fact about Devlynne is that she plans on joining the Army after she is done with high school.

Gabby Dalton

This is Gabby's second year working on youth crew. Her favorite thing about the farm is the relationships you build getting to know everyone who works here. She says that before she started working here she didn't realize how much everyone relies on each other and how important each person on the farm is. Photography is Gabby's main hobby and she wants to be a wedding and family photographer.  Gabby is also learning sign language in her free time.

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